NG Project

Solar power, industrial control and measurement technology,
building automation

Our story

NG Project Kft. provides industrial process management, industrial automation, building automation, and renewable energy solutions. Our company is ready to carry out all phases of project management, from design and verification to installation, operation and training. We design our systems with integrated PLC, DCS and SCADA systems. More than ten years of experience and the outstanding expertise of our colleagues ensure that we provide the highest quality service in the following areas:

  • Design, development and reconstruction of control engineering systems
  • Electric shock and lightning protection design, verification, installation and inspection of high voltage equipment
  • Verified measurement technology solutions
  • Design, verification, installation and inspection of explosion proof places and safety technologies
  • Design, verification and installation of energy systems
  • Design, verification and installation of renewable energies


Our mission

We are always in search of the best solution to ensure optimal operation. We expect high levels of professionalism from our colleagues and therefore we provide them with the best tools and working conditions. We believe that the key to outstanding quality is determination and dedication. We are committed to quality, and nothing exemplifies this more than the ISO 9001 certificate which we received in 2006 and which we have been regularly renewing.

Our partners

When choosing our partners and suppliers we apply a group-level criteria that sets the highest quality requirements to our partners. The following companies are our strategic partners:



With the help of our residential and industrial automation solutions, we can personalize automation to satisfy all needs, ranging from family homes to production halls, plants, factories and power plants. Discover our automation solutions that will make the operation of your plant or your home more efficient and more comfortable. Our automation system has a modular design that can be developed and tailored to individual needs.

InduSmart – industrial automation

We can make the operation of your factory, power plant or manufacturing unit safer, more efficient, and easier to control using our industrial automation solutions. Discover NGP InduSmart and let the production begin!


HOME2.0. – building automation

We provide efficient solutions to control and regulate the different MEP systems of residential buildings and family homes. Whether at home or in a remote location, you can easily control basic energy efficiency, safety and comfort functions of your property, even with a phone or a tablet.
Using our solutions, you will be able to set timed events when you are away, such as turning on light sources at a given time or automatically heat the house in case of a temperature drop outside. You can immediately intervene controlling CCTV systems or locking windows and doors. Explore the completely customizable and personalized NG Project building automation solutions to make your home more efficient, safer and more comfortable.

HOME2.0. – building automation

Industrial process management

Solutions based on distributed intelligent systems play an ever growing role in every industrial sector. These solutions can operate a process or a machine’s functions just as well as surveilling an entire factory, including entire domestic-level sectorial systems, gathering data of strategic importance to management.

Bernecker & Rainer

“Perfection in Automation”; states Bernecker & Rainer’s the motto. Since NG Project always aims to find perfect solutions, the perfectionist attitude of Bernecker & Rainer is in line with our philosophy. Thus we have been distributing and incorporating Bernecker & Rainer equipment into our own solutions.

Bernecker & Rainer

Solar energy

Solar energy has been one of the most popular renewable energy sources for years. As a result of ten years of continuous enhancements, access to clean, green energy is more efficient and cost-effective than ever. NG Project is keen on developing its own innovative solutions. We build solar power systems with an outstanding rate of return using one of the most efficient photovoltaic processing equipment. Whether you are planning to generate thermal power or electricity, we can support your ideas by providing customized solutions.

SSP (Single Solar Power)

Welcome to the new era of photovoltaic energy! Let us introduce you to the SSP, our new power generating equipment. The SSP is a completely automated, single or dual axle, solar tracking rotator system. You can mount a photovoltaic solar panel of up to 70 square meters. With the help of solar tracking, the SSP operates with outstanding efficiency, therefore it can be a perfect choice for both personal use and power generation. The SSP follows the movement of the Sun – hence, as opposed to static systems – it ensures energy transformation at a constantly high performance rate without the need of human intervention. Compared to fixed solar panel systems, energy production indicators can be as much as 40% higher.

Electronic mounting technology, automatic pick and place

Using our own infrastructure, we are ready to offer small-scale production of Surface Mounted Devices (SMD). We use normal FR4 or vacuum reflow oven to mount onto special carriers with a low “void” level

NG Prod

Energy storage versus backfeeding

One key question in connection with renewable energies is the efficient storage of any energy surplus created during production. Having identified this problem, we have been designing our systems with integrated energy storage units and uninterruptible power supplies which can offer a solution for efficient energy storage and for the recovery of energy supply in case of potential interruptions.


For our electricity generation we use devices manufactured by Growatt, Fronius and Socomec that are the most adequate to carry out backfeeding to the grid and off-grid operations.

UPS systems

The uninterruptible power supply of our systems is designed for smooth and safe operation. As official retailers of APC and SOCOMEC, we use the products of whichever manufacturer is preferred. The 19″ rack format, “SURT”-type devices coupled with external battery package provide electricity to customers even in case of several hour-long power outages. In case of higher capacity requirements we can choose from the almost inexhaustible options of the well-designed APC and SOCOMEC product range.

Buffer tank

In case of using SCP and DSP, NG Project recommends installing a buffer tank of at least 1 cubic meter volume to store heat energy. With the help of such buffer tanks, temporarily underutilized heat energy can be successfully stored at a high efficiency rate until it is used. Our company has established a sound relationship with Ép-Gépész Holding and the German BUDERUS.


MOL Rt-Földgázszállítás
Földgázszállító Zrt.
Rádioaktív Hulladékokat Kezelő KNK
Borsodchem Zrt.
ENI Tigáz Zrt.

Designed control engineering systems, reconstructed control engineering stations, and supported their implementation.

Designed, developed and reconstructed control engineering systems. Monitored and maintained uninterruptible power supply systems. Engaged in continuous engineering and other maintenance tasks. Monitored and maintained tools, equipment and machines using mobile internal combustion engine and other means of propulsion. Repaired software and hardware components of telemechanical systems.

Designed the construction of underground facilities for the National Radioactive Waste Repository of Bátaapáti. Carried out the first phase of the NRWR surface facility implementation for low and medium level radioactive waste disposal.

Designed and planned a gas pipeline drilling project for the steam plant at Borsodchem Zrt.

Supported the implementation and planned low-voltage and high-voltage control engineering tasks of a small, cogeneration, gas turbine power plant at the pharmaceutical company’s site.

Installed and commissioned the field equipment of the monitoring system which controls the technological operation of several natural gas pressure stations.

The team

The succes of our company is based on the commitment of our colleagues and their altogether 170 years of experience.

Csaba Kovács


Péter Szabó-Rácz

Chief Engineer

Ágota Varsás

Facility Manager

Dorottya Alexa-Popik

Marketing Manager

Petra Bakosné Lipusz

Office Coordinator

Krisztián Bárdos

Electronic Design Engineer

Péter Bruck


József Bús

Lead Developer

István Ferenc


Gábor Fodor

Development Team Leader

Ferenc Háger


Zsuzsanna Köteles

Office Manager

András Lőrincz

Electronic Design Engineer

György Pálinkó

Electronic Design Engineer

Szilárd Zsolt Sipos

Electronic Design Engineer

István Szabó

Electronic Technician

Zsolt Szaszák

Lead Technologistf

Zsuzsanna Szabó-Rácz

Financial Administrator

Beáta Tatár

Logistics Stock Manager

Bence Tóth

Electrician Team Leader

Szabolcs Tóth

Electronic Technician

Katalin Trozsákné Takács

Financial Administrator

Kriszta Varró

Procurement Leader

Tamás Zvada

Electronic Design Team Leader


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