InduSmart – industrial automation

The operation of your factory, power plant or manufacturing unit can be made safer, more efficient, and easier to control using our industrial automation solutions. Discover NGP InduSmart and let the production begin!!

NGP PLC configurable control technologies

PLCs are used for managing complex systems, production lines and machinery. We supply PLC systems with an application we developed ourselves. Our PLC systems are flexible, configurable, designed with a modular structure so that they can be customized according to the needs of our customers.

Barflow, measurement technology

NG Project is proud to present its self-developed BaRflow flow computer. It provides measurements and data collection of outstandingly high precision in any industrial environment. The system can be freely configured, therefore it can be used for different types of measurements (gas, liquid, vapour, heat, atmospheric pollution, electric energy, etc.). The system is based on the latest PLC technology. It can be freely programmed according to custom requirements. The device can be controlled either remotely or directly by using its own display. Barflow has been issued European standard certifications by the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office.



SLC (Sea Logic Controller) gas odorization controller and general controller

The PLC based 19” rack-type, freely programmable SLC controller hardware is based on the B&R X20 and is a tool developed by NG Project. It can be applied in any industrial or domestic environment. The range of applications that can be loaded onto the device is practically infinite. One of the innovative software we have developed is an indispensable tool used in the gas transportation which makes the operation of gas transfer stations safer by controlling gas odorization devices.

Weggas EEx (Wlan Ethernet Gps Gprs Analog-digital-io Sytem ) module

A tool for data collection, data analysis and data transfer that works even in explosion proof environments. It communicates via phone network and via wireless connection, using ModBUS protocol and direct OPC connection. Its power consumption is minimal. We can guarantee up to 2 years of autonomous operation without external power supply as a result of the use of its own power supply. It has Wlan Bridge, Accespoint or Router functions in explosion proof spaces.


Explosion proof (EP) tools

The ExPS – explosion proof power source equipment is developed primarily to supply a Weggas module in a potentially explosive environment. As a standard, the system contains a set of 140Ah, 3,6V DC (NG-BATT-140-036-B-N) batteries. The capacity and voltage range can be scaled according to the available selection of models.