NG Prod

We undertake low series production of SMD with FR4 or vacuum-oven on special surface with low “void”. The elements of our production line are the following:

Semi Automatic Screen Printer TWS SR2700

Air assisted stencil printer offering an accurate and fully programmable operation via an intutive touch screen display. Key features include squeegee pressure, front to back movement, table height and parallel table drop, with the added option of a built-in vacuum system to hold the PCB firmly in place during printing. The snap-off speed is adjustable ensuring smooth operation, and the PCB support table drops down to avoid paste smudge.

Surface Mount Placement Machine TWS Quadra DVC EVO

The Quadra DVC EVO is one of the most economical and cost-effective surface mount placement machines available due to its low-cost feeders and optional dispensing. It holds up to 15 feeder banks located all around the machine. The vision camera ensures accurate placement of components down to 0402mm.

Reflow Soldering Oven TWS 1380 EVO

The oven measures 3 metres long (with a 2 metres tunnel) and produces excellent soldering profiles, together with high productivity. The Evo range features a lower power consumption than its predecessors, with ease of set-up and operation, thanks to a new full colour control touch screen.

Vacuum Oven ATV SRO-700

Vacuum oven with IR heating, less then 5×10-5 mbar vacuum, programmable heating profile.